“Your body is a living temple, honour it, enjoy your life and live it to the full”

Temple Spa’s philosophy is all about delivering divine products to those that expect the very best in skincare and skin preparations.

Inspired by the healthy diet and lifestyle of the Mediterranean is the foundation to these exquisite products and ingredients.

The textures and feel good aromas from all Temple Spa’s products are unrivalled, adorable to the senses and an absolute pleasure to use. With their passion to improve the wellbeing and self esteem of everyone they come into contact with we were delighted that they felt our Spa could fit into this ethos.

Once we had discovered Temple Spa we simply did not want to or look any further, we had found a product range that epitomised our vision and one we would be proud and honoured to have in our Spa.

We are sure you will agree and look forward to welcoming you here to experience first hand Temple Spa’s anti-ageing formulas, textures like cashmere, feel good factor aroma’s and names to make you smile.

There’s nothing like stress for lining the skin and there’s nothing like relaxation for smoothing it.