An unique 'mud' detoxifying experience - £20 per person - minimum 2 people.

A traditional Arabian cleansing ritual leaving you feeling pure, calm and your skin beautifully exfoliated and soft. Self apply a mineral rich mud and step into the mud room to relax in the enfolding warmth on heated seats. Gradually steam will gently fill the room, this opens the pores and allows the enriched products to enter the body and stimulate the blood flow and lymphatic system. At this point self apply a luxurious lime and lemongrass salt scrub which helps to loosen the mud and exfoliate the skin. A warm shower mist will then wash away any remanning product. The Rasul is an experience to enjoy for up to 3 people (minimum 2 people).


90 Minutes – The fully loaded skin-luxe facial & body duo - £95

Packed with delicious ingredients, this double deluxe all over treatment will leave you looking and feeling like you’ve taken a mini vacation. Your mind will escape as your body is polished and nourished with the iconic Mediterranean body scrub, prior to being cocooned in an aromatic infusion to soften and hydrate. Your rejuvenating facial contains our unique Mediterranean marinade and the results….? A totally smoothed and soothed skin, head to toe.


90 Minutes – Totally unique Face and Body Treatment using only brushes - £95

Imagine the sensation from a sequence of brushes in varying sizes and textures being used from top to toe, to massage, stimulate, drain toxins and smooth on delicious preparations to the face and body. Once lavished in rich warm body oil, you will be cocooned and then treated to the exclusive Temple Spa facial treatment carried out entirely with brushes, while you doze. Heaven!


120 Minutes – A Prescriptive Facial and Massage bespoke to you - £125

Not sure how to spend the next couple of hours? Firstly, we’ll chat about how you’re feeling, - skin, body & soul and let you smell the different aromas to match your mood. Then we’ll take care of you with a wonderfully relaxing and restorative full body massage, followed by an indulgent facial. We will select the products and techniques to your wants and needs. You will look, feel and smell oh so good.


2.5 Hours Everything a mother to be should have to make her feel healthy, gorgeous and pampered - £160

Everything a mother to be should have to make her feel healthy, gorgeous and pampered. This is our specially designed treatment for expectant mummies to enable your full body to be massaged without having to lie on your tummy. We follow this with a delicious face treatment packed with wonderful natural ingredients. Finally you will be treated to a mini pedicure together with some revitalising AAAAHHHH to soothe the swollen ankles.


2.5 Hours - The Ultimate Detox package - £160

If you are serious about detoxing, then this is the one for you. We have put together the perfect combination to cleanse and detoxify. We commence by exfoliating the whole body. The hips, thighs & abs are treated to a detoxifying massage using targeted techniques followed by a stimulating marine and earth mud wrap. We finish with an invigorating and energising full body massage, using lymphatic drainage techniques, to leave you thoroughly rejuvenated and supported in your quest to get in shape. A complementary Temple Spa Detox Plan is also included.


45 Minutes - £45

This treatment is deeply relaxing, soothing and is a pain free way to rebalance the ear and draw out impurities. It is fantastic to help with problems such as sinusitis, headaches, migraines, head colds, glue ear, hay fever and earwax. This treatment also includes a gorgeous scalp massage and facial lymphatic drainage massage.

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