“There has to be a better way”
Mark & Kira Walton, VOYA founders

VOYA is a multi-award winning spa brand boasting a certified organic status, a family ethos and a tangible relationship with its core ingredient – seaweed. They are a global provider of luxury retail, spa products and treatments.

Built on passion, integrity and respect for the sea, Voya continues to develop innovative products and treatments using the latest skincare technologies within the organic field.

The seabed contains antioxidant properties that are intimately involved in the prevention of cellular damage in your body. VOYA provides over twelve years of expertise in seaweed bathing and organic skincare. Using cutting- edge marine-based science, VOYA combines sustainable innovation with a respect for tradition.

VOYA takes pride in an authentic heritage and hand-harvesting this local resource from the fresh waters of the Atlantic coast. A true love story, married couple Mark and Kira Walton founded VOYA back in 2006, when they moved back home to beautiful Co. Sligo and joined the family seaweed bathing business.

Since then, inspired by their wild environment, every treatment and skincare product conceptualised and developed has been a carefully considered work or art. Authenticity, respect for the planet and the human connection at each and every stage of the creation process makes VOYA unique and is key to its continued success.

We invite you to join in their ongoing journey of advanced research to realise the power of the ocean and all that lies within our natural resources. Dive into a sea of genuine raw beauty and discover the harmonious experiential space havens that have been influenced by VOYA around the world. We are delighted to have added VOYA to our spa portfolio.


"Wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do and provide" - Amanda Winwood, Founder of Made For Life Organics.

Made for life Organics skincare grew from a desire to create skincare that nourishes your body both inside and out. All of our products were developed by a qualified doctor, who combined dermatological science with the strength and purity of botanicals. Since their conception the formulations have continued to evolve with scientific research that helps us to unlock the incredible power of nature.

The treatments are suitable for everyone including those with Parkinson’s, neurological problems or anyone going through bereavement, burnout or stress. Our Touch Therapy Rituals are especially beneficial for guests going through or recovering from cancer and other illnesses, and have been developed alongside oncology experts

Touch Therapy Spa Rituals are created to slow down the mind and relax, bringing harmony to the mind and body and a gentle feeling of having been nurtured and held. These rituals all use slow, soothing, and rhythmic massage techniques providing complete tranquillity and relaxation, promoting a sense of wellbeing. They help to improve sleep and give a natural boost to wellness. The treatments are adaptable and completely safe for everybody, even those with a compromised immune system.

The Made for Life Products are 100% organic, free from animal testing and lovingly hand-blended in Cornwall bringing you back to nature enhancing the re-connective experience through their familiar aromas and soothing textures.

Our wellness treatments provide a window of time allowing you to disconnect from daily stress and re-connect with nature and stillness.