Our facilities include steam rooms, saunas, foot spas, aromatherapy room, tropical experience shower and a Rasul mud room as well as a sumptuously designed quiet room to relax in. Outside we have a decking area with stunning views, outdoor furniture, swinging pods and an outdoor hot tub. We have three exquisitely designed treatment rooms (one of them a double treatment room) to experience the wonders of Temple Spa, Voya, Made For Life and the unique collection of facials/ scrubs and massages.

Tropical Experience Shower

Choose from Tropical rain, Caribbean Storn or Cold Mist depending on the experience you would like. Each setting helps to stimulate the body’s circulatory system and a classic infusion of essence and light enhances this perfect way to prepare your body and senses for your journey through the Spa.

Massage Foot Spas

A gentle way to begin the calming and cleansing spa ritual. Relax on the tiled heated seating and fill your personal foot bath to your own temperature and soak away the stresses in your feet.

Foot spa’s promote circulation by working on various pressure points on your feet and can be used either with hot or cold water depending on your preference. A starlit ceiling and relaxing images of the countryside enhances this experience.

Panoramic Rustic Sauna

A spacious sauna, lined in un‐edged Alder timber, relax with views of the stunning countryside. Heated by the Rocher Sauna Heater to a temperature between 80-100ºc with dry air, this room creates a comfortable heat to give a purifying effect on the body.

There are many health benefits of regular sauna use, the cleansing of skin, increasing circulation, easing muscle pain, strengthening your immune system, improving joint movement and they act as a great stress release for tension. Sauna’s release toxins and impurities, an essential part of your journey through the Spa.Himalayan Sauna

A perfectly relaxing sauna, set at a lower heat than the Rustic Sauna, the temperature in here is between 60-75º and has a higher humidity. This room is Thermo treated and constructed of natural Alder Timber. The comfortable heat gives a purifying effect on the body.

The benefits of sauna use include cleansing, detoxifying the skin as well as relieving tired aching muscles or joints. The built in essence and water infusions in this sauna produces a humidity which is the perfect atmosphere for this.

Herbal Sauna

A fully tiled thermal room, with heated benches set at 45’C ergonomically designed for comfort. The central feature of this room is acopper herb tray which allows liquid essences or dried herbs to be mixed with water, and infused into the room, the result of which is a calming, relaxing comfortable ambience to relax in.

Since ancient times, the healing power of herbal steam bath is well known. It boosts the health, increases energy of the human body, refreshing entire bodily systems and has good impact on almost all organs of the human body. Herbal steam baths were used in medieval times for physical and mental relaxation.

Aroma Steam Room

At the centre of our spa, the steam room is spacious and elegant and provides the perfect setting to relax and absorb toxins from the skin. Curved design of the seats allows you to relax and be comfortable.

The steam room stimulates blood circulation, leaving skin cleansed, pampered and radiant. Air and steam is constantly on circulation creating the perfect setting to relax your mind and escape from our busy lives. With the use of the wet heat instead of dry heat our steam room is perfect for easing congestion and improving respiratory functiion.

Steam rooms have been used for therapeutic treatment since ancient times and doctors today continue to stand by these benefits.

Rasul Mud Room

With the use of mineral rich mud, heat and steam Rasul is an ancient Arabic cleansing bathing ritual. Apply a specially chosen pot of mineral enriched mud, either self apply, or with a partner choose to apply each other. Fully automated with heated seats enjoy the ‘bake’ as the mud works it’s magic, then the steam will come on to loosen the mud carrying on the detoxifying process and finally the shower, to remove the mud leaving your skin feeling revitalised and rejuvinated and incredibly soft and smooth.

£20 per person, minimum of 2 people, maximum 3 people.

Keep Hydrated

Whilst using the Spa one of the key things to remember is to keep hydrated. Drinking water is essential to enhance all the health benefits of our facilities, We have a water station offering flavoured water as well as plain water.

Quiet Room

We all need to make time to be able to relax, reflect and feel ready to tackle the stress and strain of every day life. Our quiet room provides the perfect setting to relax, sleep or read a book with no interruptions. Giant beanbags and a sumptuous corner sofa creates an intimate space to unwind, kick back and just escape the outside world for a wee while.

Treatment Rooms

Three exquisitely designed treatment rooms (one double treatment room) created with your comfort in mind and a place of pure serenity and calm to enjoy the many treatments we have on offer here.

Outdoor Decking Area and Outdoor Hot Tub

Relax amidst stunning surroundings with fabulous views from every angle in seating pods or wicker sun loungers and sofas. Our Lithuanian Wooden Hot Tub is a delight in any weather and a must do for every visit to the Spa.